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Spanier Group In The News 

As a thought leader in our industry, Spanier Group has been frequently quoted in publications on various industry trends and placemaking strategies on large scale mixed-use developments.  The following are a handful of recent publications in the form of editorials and interviews that Spanier Group is featured in.


Invest Alberta: NewCold Invests in Leading-Edge Food Storage and Logistics in Southern Alberta

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“We recognize Alberta’s growing importance in North America’s food supply chain, so developing a facility in the province is a key part of our strategic global expansion. NewCold is committed to building a better food supply chain that is more resilient and efficient. Our new state-of-the-art facility will bring advanced food logistics to Alberta, ultimately helping our customers serve theirs and benefiting consumers.”


-- Bram Hage, NewCold Founder and CEO

CreateTO: CreateTO announces shortlist to reimagine the former Toronto Coach Terminal site at 610 Bay Street 

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Located in a prime downtown location, the former Toronto Coach Terminal presents a unique opportunity for redevelopment. The vision for the properties, outlined in the REOI issued on November 24, 2022 by Colliers and The Spanier Group, is to redevelop both sites into a mixed income mixed-use development.

The Globe and Mail: Canada sees the rise of mall cities

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“The world has moved toward mixed-used over the last 15-20 years. Retail that doesn’t evolve to meet the new ways that people shop will become irrelevant."

CBC News: Could Re-Imagining Malls Help Solve the GTA Housing Crunch?

reimagining the mall (002).JPG
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"What's happening with the continued demand and the stress for new housing is there's a lot of development going vertically, and it's going up instead of out. And certainly the malls present a really unique opportunity,"

Urban Land Institute: The Mall’s Metamorphosis: Toronto’s Final Urban Frontier

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"A significant factor influencing the transformation of Toronto’s malls is immigration. This is driving demand for housing and amenities, further underscoring the need for the redevelopment of these large-scale shopping centers into mixed-use developments."

Renx: Reimagining the Shopping Centre: ULI Spring Meeting Keynote

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"This incredibly distinguished panel is developing out existing assets, redeveloping assets that are no longer relevant in certain regards, and then creating new ideas and identities for these communities."

Storeys: Former Toronto Coach Terminal Site Moves Closer to Redevelopment

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Colliers International and the Spanier Group, retained by CreateTO, are leading the marketing of the property, one of eight City-owned sites to be unlocked in support of city-building initiatives through the City’s ModernTO program.

Storeys: The Future Makers: Developers Are Already Shaping What Toronto Will Look Like 10 Years From Now

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"It comes down to having a very keen understanding of trends and of people and of your customer."

The Globe And Mail: Turning a power plant site into an environmental showcase

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"If we can make these places platforms for learning, Lakeview can be a case study for how these sustainable communities can be achieved."

Storeys: The Great Reset: How Retail is Approaching its Post-Pandemic Return

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"We’re all consumers by nature. We like to buy things and we need to buy things to live. But what retail has done -- the retail that I love, which is the best-in-class, independent, non-nationals, the specialty retail -- it can actually act as a truly vibrant part of your life."

Storeys: Mississauga’s Lakeview Development to Feature Innovation District ‘Of the Future’

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"When you look at opportunities for these mixed-use and innovative communities, Mississauga has the opportunity to shine. It's a growing city, and from an incoming hub perspective, Lakeview will bring it all together."

Storeys: The New Downtown: GTA Cities Are Starting to Build Their Own Core Identities

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"I think Toronto’s in a position of ongoing and continued Renaissance, which is what great cities of the world do."

Storeys: What Does the Future of GTA Living Look Like? To Start, 20,000 Neighbours…

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"My belief on mixed-use development and true placemaking is that people are going to vote with their feet … And that could be, for some people, third generation children wanting to live next to their parents or grandparents."

Shopping Centers Today: Experience - and thus retail - play big role in mixed-use success

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"I have a fundamental belief that a smaller retail footprint with large and more generous outdoor spaces that complement indoor space and drive sales is the way to go."

Storeys: What Does the Future of Amenities Look Like in a Post-COVID World?

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The future of amenitization is understanding your end user. People are going to demand quality … and vote with their feet."

Retail Insider: Impressive Mixed-Use Lakeview Development in Mississauga to Feature Unique Retail Component

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"By leveraging innovative and forward-thinking placemaking and master planning, we’ve been able to create an environment that not only provides an incredibly vibrant district to engage with residents and visitors, but one that promotes those interactions"

Colliers: National Retail Report Year End 2020

Lakeview Square during Diwali at Fall at Lakeview Village -  Cicada Design _ ©Lakeview Com
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"Our strategy embraces ongoing changes to the retail landscape and is employing approaches to embed the right conditions for success for future businesses in the Lakeview Village community."

REMI Network: Reinventing the suburbs as vibrant "edge cities"

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"Explosive growth in the GTA has been contained within an ecological greenbelt."

Storeys: Getting in on the ground floor: Where a building connects to the city

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"Experiences are found everywhere. What’s required is a steadfast commitment to place-making."

Real Estate News Exchange: Getting mixed-use projects right

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"The key essentials for successful ground floor activation in mixed-use developments are a good location, existing demand and potential future demand, and understanding end users"

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